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The Spoon River Project

October 2020
The Spoon River Project

based on Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters
adapted by Tom Andolora

In this beautifully haunting play based on Edgar Lee Masters' Spoon River Anthology, the former residents of Spoon River examine life and the longing for what might have been. As the citizens reflect on the dreams, secrets, and regrets of their lives, they paint a gritty and honest portrait of the town as all of their pasts are illuminated.

The Spoon River Project will be performed November 12, 13, 14, 2020, at the Lakeshore CINEMA, 1118 Washington Street, Manitowoc, WI.

This show was the first attempt by us to cope with the rules and limitations brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Though we didn't enjoy the large audiences we are used to we did prove to ourselves and others that we could continue to practice our passion, live theatre, in a smaller venue without extensive sound, lighting, and staging.  We also offered a virtual viewing of this production which makes this production the first of its kind in our history.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who helped make this show possible and allowed us to continue our 90-year unbroken streak of shows.

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The cast of characters for The Spoon River Project

Archibald Higbie - Max Alexander
Walter Simmons - Roger Bennin
Maurice - J Gravelle
Sarah Brown - Dani Frahm
Rev. Abner Peet - Bruce Bitter
Lucinda Matlock - Cindy Bradley
Willard Fluke - Gregg Wolf
Nellie Clark - Em Schaller
Abel Melveny - Jake Jacquart
Margaret Fuller Slack - Ann Wolf
Mrs. Williams - Kathy Kowalski
Washington McNeely - Warren Schmidt
Mary Mc Neely - Dani Frahm
Daniel McCumber - Henry Rotter
Georgine Sand Miner - Erin LaFond
Deacon Taylor - Paul Hacker
Dorcas Gustine - Ann Wolf
George Gray - Warren Schmidt
Zenas Witt - Jake Jacquart
Rosie Roberts - Em Schaller
Ollie McGee - Darcy Gravelle
Fletcher McGee - J Gravelle
Tom Merritt - Gregg Wolf
Mrs. Merritt - Ann Wolf

Elmer Karr - Max Alexander
Roscoe Purkapile - Jim Liddle
Mrs. Purkapile - Betty Liddle
Frances Harris - Ann Wolf
Thomas Greene - Gregg Wolf
Hamilton Greene - Max Alexander
Elsa Wertman - Darcy Gravelle
Zilpha Marsh - Erin LaFond
Eugene Carman - Gregg Wolf
Clarence Fawcett - Bruce Bitter
Doc Hill - Roger Bennin
Mrs. Kessler - Ann Wolf
Richard Bone - Warren Schmidt
Aunt Persis - Claran LaViolette
Searcy Foote - Roger Bennin
Daisy Frazier - Darcy Gravelle
Lydia Puckett - Catherine Egger
Hannah Armstrong - Betty Liddle
Soldier - Henry Rotter
Robert Davidson - Warren Schmidt
Harold Arnett - Bruce Bitter
Doctor Meyers - Paul Hacker
Minerva Jones - Erin LaFond
Mrs. Meyers - Cindy Bradley

Producer Director

Producer - Paul Hacker
Director - Claran LaViolette
Choral Director - Erin LaFond
Choreographer - Malachia Storm Dabek and Aaron Murphy
Stage Manager - Wendy Van Laarhoven
Set Design - Warren Schmidt
Master Builder - Warren Schmidt
Set Decorator - The Cast & Crew

Costume Design - Claran LaViolette
Makeup Design - Addison Fowler
Hair Design - Missy Wendorf
Props - The Cast & Crew
Lighting Design - Lori Hebel
Sound Design - Ed "Nitro" Barta

Crew members include -

Auditions for The Spoon River Project were held on September 19th and 21st, and the cast was announced on September 24th.

Audition Form

Erin LaFond - Director

The director of our first show this season, The Spoon River Project has been announced.

The board of directors of The Masquers during its September meeting chose Claran LaViolette as the director of this show.

Claran is no stranger to the stage having been seen on stage as well as back stage for many local productions. The last time she was named director for one of our shows was in last season with the Masquers production of The Foreigner, which was cancelled due to the current pandemic.

We are looking forward to Claran's leadership and vision for this show.

We will be sharing candid photos and videos as the process unfolds!