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Heaven Can Wait

February 22, 23, 24, 2017

Heaven Can Wait

by Harry Segall

A classic comedy-fantasy to lift your spirits!

In an extreme case of mistaken identity from "beyond the grave", Joe Pendleton gets another chance at life to pursue his dream in this heavenly comedy by Harry Segall.

As the play begins, Mr. Jordan checks in passengers to depart for the Hereafter. The process is interrupted by the arrival of Pendleton, a promising young prizefighter, who refuses to admit he is dead and insists they look up his "record.” The search reveals that Joe is not scheduled to arrive for another 60 years! To correct the wrong, there is an attempt to return Joe to his body. Unfortunately, he has no body to return to, since his manager has already had him cremated!

Hilarity, confusion and a little bit of romance ensue as Joe and Mr. Jordan's search for a new body and a second chance at life.

Inspiring the movie Here Comes Mr. Jordan and an adaptation starring Warren Beatty, Heaven Can Wait, presented by The Masquers will be the perfect night out!

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Cast of Characters for Heaven Can Wait:

Joe Pendleton - J. Gravelle
Mr. Jordan - Paul Hacker
Max Levene - Warren Schmidt
Tony Abbott - Tim Brey
Messenger 7013 - Roz Vossen
Bette Logan - Emily Guillemette
Julia Farnsworth - Corrie Skubal
Mrs. Ames - D.J. Lucas
Inspector Williams - Greg Wolf
Lefty / Referee - Randy Leifer

Suzie - Kate Koubaddy
Ann - Claran LaViolette
1st Escort - Darcy Gravelle
Escort #3081 / Doctor - Tom Bartelme
Plainclothesman - Fred Schnell
Workman / Announcer - Roger Bennin
Extra Maid - Christine Bubolz
Nurse - Jerri Burkart
Extras - Terry York, Chrissy York, Amy Ellerman, Cindy Bradley, Cathy DeLain, Katie Sievert

Producer - Claran LaViolette
Director - Ellen Peronto
Stage Managers - Emilee Carroll & Shannon Wadzinski
Set Design - Warren Schmidt
Master Builder - Fred Schnell
Set Decorator - Luan Leonardelli

Costume Design - Ann Wolf
Makeup Design - Kate Koubaddy
Hair Design - Maryann Knier
Props - Amy Carpenter
Lighting Design - Nate Haban
Sound Design - Derek Frenz

Crew members include - Brandon Carroll, Michele Marie, Tim Judd, Kara Opheim, Lisa Heili, Gerry Krause, Jeff DeZeuw, Bob Peronto, Katie Sievert, Margaret Iannitello, Jim Schwietzer, Karen Rohrer

Check back here for information regarding Auditions for Heaven Can Wait!

The director for Heaven Can Wait is selected by application submitted to the board of directors at their October monthly meeting

Interested in submitting an application to direct or to help in the creation of Heaven Can Wait in another way? Contact Us!

We will be sharing candid photos and videos as the process unfolds!