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Birch Hollow

November 12, 13, 14, 2015

Birch Hollow

BIRCH HOLLOW, by Matthew Schliesman, is the comedic and cozy story of five generations of a quirky, down-to-earth farm family, thrown for a curve by the circle of life and other upheavals. The long-formidable matriarch, Elloise, is near the end of her time but not quite ready to go. The family is unraveling around her at the same time she is facing parts of her long-buried past.

Located halfway between “Green Acres” and “Walton’s Mountain,” the world of Birch Hollow peels like an onion, layer by layer, revealing many local charms, long-held secrets, grudges, loyalties, depths, and the ultimate resiliency of this colorful clan and the human spirit.

This is a World Premiere event presented by one of the oldest Community Theater Companies in Wisconsin.  The Masquers is proud to present this engaging and heartwarming story written by Matthew Schliesman, local resident and the current Executive Director of The Capitol Civic Centre.  It may be hard to believe, but this is the first time in our 85 seasons that The Masquers has presented the first paid production of a script of any kind, and we are vey excited about this one.

The curtain has come down on The Masquers first World Premiere, and the consensus is that the show was a great success.  Congratulations to the cast and crew for creating a wonderful show.

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The cast for Birch Hollow was announced in September, 2015.

Elloise - Allison Blackburn-Schamburek
Newton - Jim Dolan
Dolly - Claran LaViolette
Dayton - Randal Leifer
Molly - Vicki Svacina

Buster - Cole Egger
Polly - Roz Vossen
Pastor Pat - Bobbie Novak
Dr. Percy Pastor - Marty Schaller
Joe - Bradley Tavares

Producer - Luan Leonardelli
Director - Warren Schmidt
Stage Manager - Nate Haban
Assistant Stage Manger - Bruce Bitter
Set Design - Warren Schmidt
Master Builder - Jim Schweitzer
Master Builder Apprentice - Bob Heili
Set Decorator - Luan Leonardelli
Lighting Design - Nate Haban
Costume Mistress - Claran LaViolette
Makeup Design - Hailey Rogala
Hair Design - Britta Rogala
Props - Cora Stauffer & Roz Vossen

Crew members include - Kari Pritzl, Michael Schamburek, Ann Wolf, Barb Schweitzer, Jeff DeZeeuw, Vicki Svacina.

Auditions were held on September 8th and 9th at The Masquers Coach House, 616 North 8th Street, Manitowoc.

At the July meeting of The Masquers Board of Directors, Warren Schmidt was chosen as Director of Birch Hollow. The Producer for this first production of the season was Luan Leonardelli.

As one of our more experienced directors, Warren will be taking the helm for his fifth show since becoming a member of The Masquers fifteen years ago. As director of our first World Premier he will be breaking new ground. We wish him success.

Luan Leonardelli is perhaps the most experienced Producers in our active membership. She will be leading the entire production team and ensuring a first-rate show for everyone in attendance.

We welcome both Warren and Luan to this show and hope you agree that we have the core of a great team for this show.

Watch this tab for information on the progress of Birch Hollow. We will be posting candid pictures, interesting tid-bits and important updates throughout the rehearsal and production phases of the show.

Be sure to get your tickets for this irresistible story.