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A Chorus Line

November 14, 15, 16, 2013

A Chorus Line

In an empty theatre, on a bare stage, casting or a new Broadway musical is almost complete.  For 17 dancers, this audition is the chance of a lifetime.  It's what they've worked for - with every drop of sweat, every hour lf training, every day of their lives.  It's the one opportunity to do what they've always dreamed - to have the chance to dance.

Winner of nine Tony Awards, including "Best Musical" and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.  This is A CHORUS LINE, the musical for everyone who's ever had a dream and put it all on the line.  This singular sensation now comes to the Lakeshore on The Masquers Stage.  Come meet our generation of "Broadway's Best"!

A Chorus Line was received by large audiences throughout its run at the Capitol Civic Centre.  It was a very successful first show of our 83rd Season.

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The cast for A Chorus Line was announced following auditions on August 23. Here are the cast members and the characters they will portray.

Zach - David Bourgeois
Lori - Melyssa Keil
Don - Zach Glaeser
Maggie - Megan Burback
Mike - Tom Roberts
Connie - Ryanne Gainey
Greg - Dean Sleger

Cassie - Lisa Hagenow
Sheila - Gina Leonardelli
Bobby - Justin Mrotek
Bebe - Brooke Miller
Judy - Sam Gretz
Richie - Kevin Sievert
Al - Jonathan Medendorp

Kristine - Katie Jo Shimulunas
Val - Sophia Bartels
Mark - Bradley Tavares
Paul - Thomas Moore
Diana - Aimee Wetenkamp
Tricia - Angel Her
Vicki - Melissa Schamburek

The cast will be in rehearsals from now until opening night November 14, 2013. Good luck cast!

The production team for A CHORUS LINE is lead by Producer Luan Leonardelli and Director Patrick Schamburek. The orchestra will be conducted by Zach Holzer. Additional production team members are...

Choreographer - Brooke Miller
Choral Director - Erin LaFond
Rehearsal Pianist -
Costume Mistress - Claran LaViolette
Master Builder - Jim Schweitzer
Stage Manager - Warren Schmidt
Makeup Design - D.J. Lucas
Hair Design -
Set Design - Jim Schweitzer
Set Decorator - Kristin Gresl
Props - Claran LaViolette

Spotlights - Roger Bennin and Bruce Jacobs

Crew members include - Marty Schaller, Paul Rauens, Jay Kanzelburger, Hailey Rogala, Britta Rogala, Tricia Kohlman-Nelson, Makayla Nelson, Marygrace Ponzio, Danielle Brooks, Tammy Reigel, Kris Casey, Terra Allison, Mary Ann Knier, Ann Wolf, Jamie Labinski, Cindy Nesgoda, Jeff LaFond, Mike Schamburek

Orchestra members -

The Masquers held auditions for A Chorus Line on Sunday, August 18, and Tuesday August 20, 2013. Following a good response from local talent the cast for the show was announced on Thursday, August 22, 2013.

Check out the cast tab for a complete list of our cast for this show.

After being appointed the Director of our first show this season, Patrick Shamburek wasted no time getting his team together and planning auditions and rehearsals. His team consists of Producer Luan Leonardelli, Choral Director Erin LaFond, Choreographer Brooke Miller and Orchestra Conductor Zach Holzer.

Auditions were scheduled for August 18 & 20, and additional team members were recruited. Be sure to check the cast list and production team tabs for a complete list of everyone involved with the show.

Check back here for more news as it happens.

Here are some pictures of a tech rehearsal at the Capitol Civic Centre. Just a hint of what will be happening on stage on opening night!