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Jesus Christ Superstar

May 8, 9, 10, 2014

Jesus Christ Superstar

JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR is perhaps the best known example of the musical genre known as Rock Opera.  The first collaboration of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, who also partnered in the creation of JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT and EVITA, makes its first appearance on The Masquers stage.

The SUPERSTAR story is a dramatic interpretation of the final days of Jesus, which centers on the relationship between Jesus and Judas.  The feel of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR is distinctly of its time - blazing guitar riffs, piercing vocals and powerful, throbbing orchestrations, along with many cultural influences from the late 60's and early 70's tossed in for good measure.  It is a time capsule in many ways, yet remains entirely grand, glorious and thoroughly relevant to people of all times.  It is electric in its delivery and emotional in its impact on audiences.

This final show of The Masquers 83rd Season played to progressively larger audiences each night of the three-day run.  The Buzz was definitely running through the community on this one!

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Jesus Christ - Zach Glaser
Judas Iscariot- Kevin Seivert
Mary Magdalene - Vanessa Williquette
King Herod - Matt Schliesman
Caiaphas - David Bourgeois
Peter - Pete Schoepp
Pontius Pilate - Paul Hacker
Simon Zealotes - Thomas Moore
Annas - Warren Schmidt
Priests - Bernard Starzewski, Bruce Bitter, James Klein

Andrew - Jonathan Medendorp
James - Chris Wienecke
John - Sam Oswald
Philip - Jacob Staude
Matthew - Dean Sleger
Soul Girls - Sam Gretz, Ryanne Gainey, Megan Burback, Katie Sievert, Tessa Komorowski, Kimberly Rooney
Woman's Chorus - Judy Stechmesser, Mary Heili, Lisa Heili, Kari Pritzl, Threse Powell, Ariel Ducat, Catherine Egger

Rehearsals for Jesus Christ Superstar are expected to run from early 2014, through opening night on May 8, 2014

Choreographer - Kevin Sievert
Choral Director - Shelly Kanzelberger
Costume Design - Claran LaViolette
Set Design - Warren Schmidt
Set Decorator - Lori Hebel
Rehearsal Pianist - David Bowman
Makeup Design - Hailey Rogala
Hair Design -Sam Gretz
Props - Katie Schamburek
Master Builder - Jim Schweitzer
Spotlights - Roger Bennin, Bruce Jacobs

Crew members include - Marty Schaller, Cathy DeLain, Zach Lulloff, Ann Wolf, Britta Rogala, Tricia Kohlman-Nelson, Tammy Reigel, Megan Burback, Tessa Komorowski, Katie Sievert, Kimberly Rooney, Warren Schmidt, Jeff DeZeeuw, Mike Schamburek

Orchestra Pit - Jack Naus, Tim James, John Zeldenrust, Jim VanLanen, Colleen VanderLinden, Tim Perkins, Brad Schneider, Tony Giovannini

Auditions for JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR were held in February.

Rehearsals began February 10th and will run through May. Performance dates are May 8, 9, & 10, 2014 at the Capital Civic Centre, Manitowoc, WI. For ticket information contact the Capitol Civic Centre Box Office or The Masquers, Inc. at .

The Masquers, Inc. appointed Allison Blackburn as director of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. Auditions were held in February and rehearsals will continue through the show dates of May 8, 9, 10, 2014.

Watch this tab for future postings on rehearsals, set construction, costume design and all things "behind the scenes".